Sunday, July 1, 2012

Farmhouse Dining

Or 'Every Girl Needs a Pocket Jig'.

You know you've finally "moved in" your new place the first time you cook a meal, or in my case, build furniture. After so many months of sawing, nailing, caulking, and painting to bring the house back to life, it is time to furnish. But furniture is expensive and I've contributed enough to Ikea stock this year. Besides, shopping for furniture is time consuming and nothing is ever quite what I want (probably another blog post in that metaphor somewhere).

Until I moved to Florida, furniture consisted of three suitcases and DIY coffee tables long ago passed down to the next generation of grad students. Tools are also an issue. I have none. Slowly G&D have been stocking the toolbox, but fearful of not being needed to complete projects (or the loss of my fingers), Gus avoids gifts of power saws.

A quick trip to the Pawn Shop (I just love saying that) solved that problem. If you've never been to  a pawn shop, you should check one out. They're pretty cool. Granted the shopkeeper wears a Glock and has to eyeball you head-to-foot before unlocking the door, but really unique stuff and great deals.

Here are pictures of bringing the new, counter-height, farmhouse dining table to life:

Inspiration Table

Old boards found in the barn

Cedar legs

Slightly tapered

New Pocket Jig!!!

What Is Not to LOVE?!

Not to shabby...
Shabby Chic that is.

Eventually it will make it inside.

Celebrating Success---with homebrew of course!