Monday, June 3, 2013

The Great Outdoors

Trading Up has no backyard. A lot of front, but no backyard. Therefore, when you want to grill or party, or just sit outside and people watch, you're stuck in the carport. Also stuck in the carport are the bulky garbage and recycling bins, all of which makes outdoor entertaining a little cramped (and stinky). Gus thought it would be good (and cheap) idea to move the existing (albeit sad looking) fence back about 20-feet to open up the space and hide the bins.

Simple project. 2 hours max. And you can do it with beers!

Master Bath Part II

This was supposed to be the second and last part; I don't dare say only Part III remains because as this bathroom rehab rolls into month five, I am seriously considering renting a front loader to completely level this room. People can crap in a bucket. I'm over it.

Notice the Blue Tape? That means the sink still doesn't work. That is bad.

The weekend was kind of a bust. The tile work got finished and the cabinet cut, but we couldn't install the sink because either we are completely clueless or the manufacturer sent the wrong part. I'm going with the latter. We've started corresponding via email so perhaps he'll send the correct part and I can finish the work myself, or he'll say "Go fly a kite" and I'll be forced to leave terrible reviews about him all over the Internet. Then call the plumber.

Today I made a little more progress, sanded and painted the ceiling and finished staining the top of the vanity, but overall disappointed in progress.