Friday, May 17, 2013

And It Really Really Works

What do you know about grout color sealer? Well if you have tile you should really consider getting to know it because this stuff ROCKS! I don't get too excited about commercial products. If you don't need special training and a letter from Congress to order something, I generally tend to think of it as weak. 

This product has definitely changed that line of thinking. It's called NA 6700 Grout Rescue (which still sounds kind of contraband-ish). It's recommended for really dirty grout lines, but I was using it to match the old grout with the new tile work in the kitchen. For $10, I didn't pay much attention to the direction on the bottle, just sort of wiped it on till I got a good match.



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Master Bath Part I

The master bath hates me. We didn't get off on the right foot. When I first walked into Trading Up it was all 'oos' and 'aaas' until I saw the bathroom. At first I thought it had been designed for little kids (or dwarfs) because the ceiling was so low and the cabinetry was only 28-inches high---making the tub and toilet look miniature. From that first walk-though it was slated to receive more work than any other room. 

I don't think the bathroom ever got over my initial reaction to its diminutive features and decided to make my life as difficult as possible ever since [recall the flood(s), mold, and most recent mite infestation]. Either that or its haunted. 

Knowing I have its best interest in mind, it seems to slowly be forgiving my callous tongue. 

Before - Loo for Little People

Dropped ceiling contained old fluorescent light (already removed in this pic)

A little early morning demo

Ceiling completely removed

Crew hangs the new ceiling frame and can lights (notice the 9 extra inches!)

$75 Craigslist dresser to convert into new vanity

Vessel sink courtesy of Amazon