Friday, July 26, 2013

Master Bath Part III

Finally done! In retrospect, I can't figure out why it took so all seems so simple in pictures.

For backstory and more 'Before' pics, check out Master Bath Part I and Master Bath Part II.

Shower Trim - Before & After
Shower Trim - Before & After
Despite all the work there was considerable damage left on the wall behind the old vanity. I used cheep and simple Wainscoat from HD to cover the damaged areas. To me, Wainscoat says early-American design (not my taste), but it seems to work in here.

White Wainscoat
The average height of a bathroom countertop is 31-inches. I failed to measure the original (hobbit) height, but I'm sure it was much less. Unfortunately, I may have gotten a little overzealous with the replacement. At a towering 43-inches to the top of the sink, even my 5'7" self needed a step-stool just to brush my teeth.

But that is not a problem when you have one these on hand (the sawzall not the blow dryer).

It was worth the wait!

Decorating is always more fun!

Sponge soap from Tarpon Springs, FL

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Double Wide Blue

The paint color isn't for everyone. My boss in CO calls it "double wide blue". You really have to see it in context to appreciate. Fortunately, it's perfect for a central FL neighborhood on the water. And fortunately the color and yellow accents make even the crankiest neighbors smile :)

Before and After (I know I need to invest in a decent hedger)

Home insurance went up with the addition of the pool.

Little Hawi'iana accents

Carport converted into covered BBQ patio

Actual MATCHING chairs!

Come Visit!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And Then There Was Paint

I want to get these thoughts down before I forget. Before I'm home in my adorable, blue almost-a-beach house in central FL. Before I forget this I have lived in that same house for 3 months waiting for it to be painted and it finally is painted and I'm 2,000 miles away moment. 

Thanks to the painters and a friendly neighbor, I can see my house. My blue house. Of course I can't see the detail and whether or not the painters actually did a decent job, but I know it looks better than a it did 72 hours ago. And I just don't want to forget this combined moment of anticipation and frustration, when I knew it was blue, but couldn't see it for myself...and I am certain there is a life metaphor in here somewhere.

AM Progress

From the Front - Happy Independence Day!

PM Progress