Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Winter Sale

Summer projects languished into fall. Mr. Jim finally finished the bathroom and the work was impeccable. I even miss having him around. I put the house on the market a few days before Thanksgiving then went on a cruise with friends. About a week later the house had an offer $9k over asking and I accepted.

Unfortunately, that buyer pulled out and I went back to square one with the sale. I did have a dream I received a check for $100k from the sale so I think as long as I keep that image in my head, it will materialize.

Right now there's nothing of interest in St. Petersburg, the area I'm looking to buy.  Also, since I fired the 420 crew, I'm not sure who to call about doing another rehab.

Detail details details. I know it will all work out and in the right time. Always does.