Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Like November

November is my second favorite month (June is my first--go figure). The weather is perfect (assuming you live in central Florida), you get a full 30 days between the silliness of Halloween and the drama of December, and everybody starts thinking about gratitude.

At my Thanksgiving dinner, we go around the table (or room depending on how many folks you're feeding) and each take a turn saying something for which we are most thankful. I wish we did this all year.

I even like those daily facebook posts in November, you know the ones where a friend writes something he or she is grateful for.

November is usually my busiest travel month so I don't spend much time at home. This November I was supposed to be away on three trips, but one was canceled. I'm not entirely grateful for that, but I'm thankful to spend some more time at home. 

To mark November and my love of Fall (short as it is), I am going to cook something special everyday. It's a loose goal, especially for the week planned in a Texas Hilton, but it's off to a good start.

Work space...always planning.

These are the real work spaces.
In October I spent a weekend with my bff, spiritual mentor, and someone who shares my love of cooking. I came home with so many great ideas and need for new ingredients, especially harissa and cajeta (goat's milk caramel). Admittedly, my cajeta addiction has gotten a little out of control.

Red Chard - best recipe in the WORLD comes from Rachel Ray. I can't stop eating this.

Bok choy in harissa (of course).

Annual Christmas pickles I make every year for gifts. Adding a radish makes the brine turn pink.

Oh yeah---since it's already Nov. 2nd, I should tell you yesterday I made Big Daddy Jay's Collards (it would a shame to die without eating these collards) and caramel chicken from Bon Appetit. These are all my pics, except for the chicken, but it looked the same. You have to be quick with the camera around here!

Big Daddy Jay's Collards - half  of these get canned for Christmas dinner.

BA's Caramel Chicken--should be called Asian chicken. If you make it, use coconut oil instead of veg.

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