Sunday, February 12, 2012

Almost Done

It took a week, but I've almost hauled all the boxes in from the barn. Hard to believe I moved to FL a year ago with nothing but seven boxes and my suitcase. Having an industrial dumpster in your yard certainly makes taking the trash out more exciting, but the subcontractors should be done this week and with them the dumpster. The exterior painting is almost done too. There's a lot of 'almost' going on here---but that's always the most accurate way to describe finishing work.  

The most exciting event this week will be the installation of the shower glass! Just kidding, though I did design the guest bath around my vision of that single piece of glass. This week Renovation Realities starts filming the front room demo/front porch reno!!! 

Under the contract with the show, you're not allowed to alter the room slated for demolition prior to filming, so everyone has spent the past 9 weeks resisting the urge to peel off loose, termite-eaten paneling or remove the weathered blue shutters. At this point I am dying to bring the reciprocating saw to life and start swinging the sledgehammer!  

And yes, I am having a housewarming party, probably in March before the travel season takes over my life. Here's some pictures from the past week...

Love the residing on the right-hand-side.

Countertops and cabinet doors are next month's project.

So close to the inspiration room I scare myself.

Living Room

View of dining room (computer desk is acting as dining table).

Just waiting for the glass!

Come visit the Farm!

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