Thursday, February 2, 2012

Phase I Complete

Well regardless of whether or not I was ready, moving day was Tuesday. Because the polyurethane was not yet dry on the floors, this is called Phase I of moving. In Phase I the movers took all the furniture and boxes from the little rental house in Ozona to the barn at Harbor Farm. There was so much going on the previous week (including uncertainty about whether I would actually have to vacate the rental on the 31st, if the crew would actually be working until that day, and a sick poodle) that I completely forgot to pack for the 4 days in between stuff going into the barn and me into a condo!  So far the washing machine in the condo has been getting a lot of use. 

Thanks Rocks Moving Co.!

I heart storage!

The floors will soon be dry so the movers will return on Saturday for Phase II. I'm so excited to spend the first night at the Farm! There is a laundry list of finishing work, including the guest bathroom (still no toilet in there), but I can't wait. The last few posts have been nothing more than pictures, for reasons of sheer exhaustion, but here are some B&As of the floors and new red roof. The neighbors love the color by the way---good thing!

Old Shingles

New Red Metal Roof
How to re-finish hardwood floors:

1. Enlist slave labor

2. Add cherry stain

3. Shine!

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