Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Room on the List

It has been awhile. Not for lack of effort though! The finish work on the front porch has taken longer than expected, but it's almost finally done. Done enough at least to where I have wanted to tackle other projects. Finishing work included tightening the screens (we're not professionals you know!), adding the kick plate, the bar (of course), and getting furniture (merci Targét).

It brings me tremendous pleasure to now be able to read Wine Spectator while watching the traffic and local drug deals.

Southern Charm...

Meets Functional!

Another project included replacing the old, rotten fence in the backyard. More expensive than labor intensive considering all the posts were already set (and obviously more termite resistant than wooden panels).

Old Fence

New Fence
Sometimes it's nice not to have to wave to your neighbors from the bathroom!

It hasn't been all DIY though. The subcontractors were happy to return for 2 days of much needed window installation on the side porches. Now the nicest windows in the house, these lovely sliders with Colonial detail replaced the scary, filthy, drafty louvers (or jalousie depending on what part of the world you're from). Doesn't matter, either way I'm sure it's French for ugly.

More Hideous

They're actually even cuter since I painted the bare wood.

Super Cute Screen Door Too!

But the biggest project in the last few weeks was the last room on the list, the kitchen. Work in the kitchen involved replacing the countertops and adding the slate backsplash. I love the slate Gus and I put down on the kitchen floor and was instantly attracted to a "mini" version for the backsplash. For several months I was set on installing concrete countertops, but the period and style of the Farm just couldn't support that style. Maybe for my next project!

Hideous Lavender Laminate

Beautiful Classic Butcher Block

And let's not forget about that backsplash!

So Complimentary with that Floor!

This space has come a LONG way. One day there might even be cabinet doors!

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