Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting to Close

I have at least 15 blog posts titled "Getting to Close." I actually hear those words in my sleep. 

By the way, that's 'close', as in, 'Close the front door!', not, 'Back up, you're way too close!'

Anyway---closING is February 4!!! This will be the first closing I've ever had that was actually on time, not to mention negotiated early! Getting to close early on a bank-owned property is not-so-common, so I am pretty thrilled all parties involved got on board with the 30-day window, and we WILL make the date.

Because all cute little vacation rentals need a campy name, the new house, located on Tradewinds Drive, is called 'Trading Up.' The pun perfectly fits the house...and what it took to get here!

Corner Lot

The house is big compared to my past homes, 1900 sqft., but another oversized corner lot makes it a lot like Harbor Farm (i.e., much yard to mow). It was built in 1957 with an addition, sometime in the 1980s, nearly doubling the size. 

Like any home buyer, I had a list of "must-haves" for purchasing vacation rental property in Central Florida. Must have charm, must have garage, must have screened lanai, etc. Trading Up has none of those things. What it does have is location, and location always wins.

She does have some charming little features though: 

Built-in Bookshelf

Big Bay Window

Slanted Counter and more Built-ins

Cute French Door

But that's pretty much where the charm ends. It's going to take some effort to take Trading Up from ranchette to retreat, but I could not be happier about Getting to Start!


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