Monday, February 4, 2013

Closing Day!

Yes, today was supposed to be Closing Day. Denise took the week off and I told the boss not to expect me to respond to any emails. I typed "Closing Day!!!!" on my calendar and we started loading the Pilot with miscellaneous tools we would need before the next return trip to Jacksonville. The movers were scheduled to retrieve the furniture from the storage bin and all the utilities are scheduled to come on line. 

None of that is happening today and I am typing this from Jacksonville. Last week, or maybe 10 days ago, the appraiser discovered there was a leak in the main water line. Leak is a nice way of saying "break," a break which causes the front yard to flood within minutes. There are also leaks in the kitchen and master bath, but I don't care about either of those because both of those sinks are going to be replaced. In actuality, I don't care about the main line either. I do care about not closing today.

Trying hard to practice some more patience with the bank's realtor, and just about everyone, today.

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