Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crazy Game of Poker

Big thanks to O.A.R. for writing this crazy song that plays in my head every time I'm waiting for jump the next real estate hurdle.

I said I'm wandering 'round the road four to four
And I said I been walking for about a thousand years.

And my feet are growing tired
My eyes a little wired
Don't know what to do unless I retire
And he just said let's play some crazy poker 

And waiting I am. This is not your father's real estate market (at least not my father). My father bought and sold houses with interest rates over 10%, when banks loaned you money three and four times your annual salary, when appraisers were people who worked behind desks.

UPDATE***Realtor just sent a text (definitely not my father's world) that "All is complete and ready to Close!" Sixteen days late, but I'll take it.

God I love this game!

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