Saturday, March 9, 2013


My good friends know I do not camp. They know I love the great outdoors. They will attest I am the first to partake in any adventure in nature from the most mundane hike or canoe trip to nighttime cave diving or midday bouldering into the nearest hornet's nest, but I do not camp. Frankly, I don't even agree with the use of the word as a verb describing a recreational activity, but that's a different topic. I pay my bills, I get to live indoors, end of story.

So it is understandable I am less than fond of those first few days and nights living in a renovation project. Now that I work from home, escaping to the office isn't even a option. Stuff doesn't work, there's noise, and fumes, and dust; you refuse to unpack for the simple reason of the dust and the fumes; it's just a lot like camping. I realize most people don't camp in the middle of a construction zone, but waking up cold and sore, with questionable working facilities, is just all too close to camping for me.

Short Punch List (with unhappy face rating):

carport--structural :-|:-|:-|
HVAC--replace :-|:-|:-|
washing machine--electrical :-|
toilets--minor :-|
floors--reno :-|:-|
master bath--gut :-|:-|
guest bath--reno :-|
windows--replace :-|:-|:-|
blinds--shortening :-|:-|

Just like a second child, Trading Up is not receiving the attention and time behind the camera and his older sibling, but here are some pictures of the first few days.

Before: Old Laminate (and 12-yr old Spanish wine)

Laminate Removed and Tarrazzo Exposed
Before: Facing Front Door (old laminate)
Current Office Space (laminate removed)

Before: Kitchen sans Fridge (and a good cleaning)

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