Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Executive Decision

I've written before about the difference between restoration and renovation. Trading Up is intended to be vacation rental property so there is supposed to be less question about the type of work this go-round. I want a coastal house; clean white walls, natural fiber rugs, decorative seashells.

Something like this...

Budget and intent has been set to tile the entire space with something like these...

Then, while the cheap laminate was coming up, I discovered this...

In the past 2 weeks I have learned this is called terrazzo, which is I-ta-lian for 'town'. Terrazzo consists of marble, quartz, or glass chips embedded in cement, then ground and polished to a bright shine. Terrazzo was originally invented by Venetian construction workers as a low cost flooring material using marble chips from upscale jobs (thank you Wikipedia). When I learned goat's milk was originally used as the sealant, I was committed to restoring this floor...all 563 square feet of it.
Then came the great flood of 2013 and 563 square feet became 763 square feet, but by the time the waters rose for the SECOND time, I was committed.

Everything happens for a reason. Not bad shit, but all bad shit that turns out to be good definitely happens for a reason. The floods, and subsequent home owner's insurance claims, are making the restoration possible, because what I have also learned in the past 2 weeks is that restoring terrazzo is quite expensive. Apparently, either all the Venetian terrazzo layers are now working in IT or it is terribly out of style. I'm leaning toward the former because I LOVE THIS SHIT!

This Monday, the modern-day Venetians begin their "resurrection" of the floor. Coincidence that this Monday is the day after Easter? I think not.

Oh yeah---because I don't want to forget what a great idea living and working in the reno was, for the next week this is my office...

Great Plan

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