Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Had Happened Was...

It was a typical Tuesday living and working in the reno. Coffee was brewing, I was up and dressed for a 0930 yoga, and the HVAC subcontractors had arrived and were starting to knock holes in the walls. Grey skies with a light rain, cool air and noisy seabirds, I had just begun to think what a perfect Florida morning.

Heading back into the master suite to grab a jacket I could see the bedroom floor was wet. I heard the toilet running and instantly knew it had flooded the bathroom. As I lunged toward the bath my flip-flop sank into the carpet that was now sponge.

Little Moist

There was 3-inches of standing water in the bathroom and the carpet was soaked 12-feet in every direction, including the closet. Everything on the floor was quickly becoming saturated.

I screamed for the subcontractors, already blaring rock music and power saws, to provide back up. They helped move all the furniture into the living room and phoned a friend for water remediation.

ChemDry to the Rescue

It's a safe assumption that something is going to be really expensive when people work all day and no one charges you.

Nothing was salvageable. All the carpet, padding, baseboards and doors were removed and trashed. On the bright side, I discovered the terrazzo extends into the bedroom and is in great shape! Another silver lining, the HVAC guys rock. Here's a few more shots of the Great Flood of 2013...and it's only March people!

Amateur Clean Up Duty

Uncovering the Terrazzo

Pile #1

Professional Clean Up

My Living Room and Office


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