Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Floor Prep is Hell

It's a good thing I spent a few minutes today perusing design blogs, because by hour 3 of removing quarter round and carpet tack in the dark, it was only those images of charming, rustic, coastal cottages that were preventing me from burning this place down.
This seemingly innocuous pile of crap is the reason I will most certainly not be able to stand up straight tomorrow or open my right hand.


In case you don't know what quarter round is, it's the piece of trim that fits nicely between your floor and the baseboard. There's no sense in sanding the floor with the trim in place because it hides the seam and is cheap enough to replace, but let's be very clear, removing old quarter round and the rusty nails that hold it in place (did I mention in the dark?) is a @#%&*!

Ready for Sanding

Critter tally for the day: 1 dead mouse behind the oven

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