Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Christmas Tradition

The Help is here! Not the movie, but they're working just as hard. Gus and Denise came into town Friday night and started sanding floors Saturday morning...after Gus and I tossed the stove out the window. He derived particular pleasure from that considering he had the privilege of the final rat extraction...

This doesn't end well...

Rats aside, we had plenty to do. Denise started with the baseboards and window trim. Gus took the monster edger and I handled the drum.

One day you won't need a mask in my living room.

Look at that Attention to Detail

Girl Works a Drum

And just look what a Christmas day gathered around power tools can get you...

Good-bye Gross-ness

Hello Red Oak

It's So Nice to See You Again!

Oh and for all of you feeling sorry for them, the Grinch gave them an extra piece of meat on Christmas Eve! ;-)

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