Friday, December 23, 2011

Twas 2 Days Before Christmas

This is not a picture of my house.

But it is a picture of the type and color of the soon-to-be roof. The outside of the house is to be painted a buttercream (yellow in guy speak). Apparently roofers do not stock scarlet roofs so the Harbor Farm roof is currently residing in some Malaysian factory, waiting to be crated by 10-year-olds and shipped to South Florida. 

Over the past week the electricity was brought up to code, the HVAC duct work replaced, and the ceilings painted. Oh and all that kitchen tile Gus and I laid last weekend has to be replaced, which is much more of a mental setback than anything else. There are plenty of silver linings to go along with this week's hiccups that I really can't complain and overall I'm still excited about the process. It's also fantastic that it's Christmas and I now live a mere 4-hour drive from my wonderful parents (or they from me since they're on their way here :). And it's equally fantastic that this winter is promising to be very mild because windows were not in the 2011 budget.

Here's some more pictures of the week's progress...

Street Legal
Round One :(
Floors for Christmas!
More Floors!

Floors and Walls

Lovely Sanded Baseboards and Trim Paint

Shower Drain and the Original Wood Siding

Ceilings are Painted!

Working in the Daylight Courtesy of an Early Christmas Weekend

Funny Before Picture of the Master Closet

Safety First!

 Critter tally 0!!! But the new stove is coming tomorrow...just to be on the safe side.

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Lisa B (Abroad at Home) said...

I have always wanted that roof! Beautiful!

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