Tuesday, December 6, 2011

That's Why He Needed A Dumspter

For weeks my contractor, Casey, has been warning me about how many trips he will have to make with the dumpster, but in my mind I just couldn't see why. "It's only two toilets, two vanities, and an AC unit" I kept telling myself. Casey rang me around noon to tell me the crew was finished with demo in the bathrooms. Casey rings a lot. Mostly just to tell me what he has accomplished, but I think also to make sure I haven't fled the state...or country.

Having received a gracious reprieve from my Huntsville trip this week, I was in the office and could break away at lunch to see the progress.  Man was a I glad I had already shot 'Before' pictures! Casey's crew (which I discovered includes little brother Mark) does not mess around. And that's why he needed a dumpster... 

Guest Bath Before

...and During

Master Bath Before

...and During

After work I did some more work in the yard. It's dark by 6:30 this time of year so I only had about an hour. The pictures will look nicer in the daylight.

Southern Jungle

Hello Harbor Farm!

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