Friday, January 27, 2012

8 Long Weeks

The guys were still working when I arrived to prep the floors tonight. The had spent the day tiling the guest bath and scraping off the roof shingles. They were exhausted but still tidying and loading material onto their truck. I peeled off the brown paper and cardboard from the bare floors, swept, and began vacuuming between the planks. It still gets dark early despite the warm weather and by the time they were ready to leave it was already dark. The guys came inside to say good-bye and I turned on the living room lights. For the first time in eight weeks the three of us stood in the house and just stared. Hammering, drilling, scraping, sawing, and blaring rock music finally ceased and we all just took a collective breath. This is really a beautiful house and it's going to be a beautiful home.

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