Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finally Floors

This was the supposed to be the crew's last week of work before I moved. Frightening prospect considering at the beginning of this week there were no bathrooms, no kitchen floor, no appliances, no hot water, and no HVAC. The crew extended their projected finish time and today there was a closer semblance of bathroom and kitchen floors, but we've got a loooooong way to go.

I, at least, made some more measurable accomplishments, though equally non-photogenic. I submitted the entire grant package to the City of Safety Harbor for the exterior work; porch renovation, paint, shutters, landscaping. I hired movers (gulp). I bought light fixtures (lots and lots of light fixtures) ordered shower doors, stain, polyurethane, paid a credit card bill (always good), and ran an 5-mi race with some great folks. 

Finally, here are the very dirty, but tiled, floors.


Close Up

The bathroom tiles are 8x20 ceramics with a linen glaze. The linen catches the light and adds a metallic sheen to the floor. Definitely not for everyone, but they will look stunning next to the marble and white subway tiles for the showers.

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