Saturday, January 21, 2012

You Want It When?


In September of last year I made a list of what I considered Harbor Farm's (then 'Farmhouse on Main') "immediate needs." Numbers 22-25 and 32 turned out to be more wants than needs, but everything else has either been started or can solidly be checked as complete. Unfortunately, pretty much everything else still falls under the "immediate" category. If immediate is defined by move-in date, then 'immediate' draws closer each day, and I feel more and more certain that the "needs" part is not going to be met in the immediate! 

The problem with any kind of home improvement project on an old house is that new (well done) work makes the surrounding space look even more shabby than before. As a result, the list has really grown. 'Immediate' now includes new porch windows, shutters, and a backyard fence.  If you don't think adding three things to a list constitutes saying it has really grown, I invite you Google the price of windows :-/ 


Patience self. Patience.


Cleaned the barn in preparation for the move. Since the GC is behind schedule, I may not get the floors refinished by moving day, so I plan to move everything into the barn until the floors are finished. Also kicked and rolled the old (full) water heater outside. About 240 gallons of rusty, 10-yr old, standing water drained into street. The junk man will pick it up and sell the metal for scrap. Later I took some nice 'Before' pictures of the outside. The City approved my exterior renovation grant so exterior painting can begin! Last, I assembled an IKEA shelf for the guest bathroom. Yup, still not toilets, but there will be shelving.  

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Ready for Paint and TV!

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