Monday, January 2, 2012

Hire Someone

There is much to be said for working with your hands. A full day of manual labor leaves you with a true sense of accomplishment and pride unlike any desk job can ever provide. Dry hands, frayed cuticles, nicks, bruised thumbs, and open wounds aside there is nothing like putting in a full day's work under your own power. I love all the various aspects of this project and would, and will, repeat it. That being said, when it comes to painting trim...hire someone.

Trim work is a thankless job. Walk into any room with haggard baseboards and you're certain to throw your nose in the air, but waltz into a room with decent trim and all you'll be commenting on is that Pottery Barn centerpiece.

Denise worked tirelessly this past week sanding and priming trim. Frankly, if it hadn't been for her efforts, I would have just slapped some paint right over the glue and rusty tack nails. One day, I am told, the subcontractors even closed the doors so as not to have to listen to the monotonous drone of my new Dewalt orbital sander. Note---She killed the original sander from Santa the day after Christmas.

FYI---there's1,200 sqft of this...

Do all renos come with Blue Tape?

The better light just doesn't make these any more attractive.

Gus kept equally busy. Prior to his arrival, maybe two window were functioning. This was not all that tragic in a South Florida winter, but come summer and it will be a very different story. It took him about two days between scraping, cleaning, and installing, but now all the original rope-and-pulley windows glide with ease!

A man and his drill

Beautiful windows patiently waiting to be restored

With my last two days away from the office I painted trim and mentally prepared for floor restore. Painting trim allows one plenty of time to mentally prepare for plenty of things...  

Here are some more shots of a long and productive week.


Sunken tub

That's sanded floors, wall paint and TRIM thank you very much.
Come Back Soon!


Katie (and Tony) said...

Girl! I am exhausted just reading...I have NO words....but one question. Why did all the tile you laid in the kitchen need to come up? And what did you put down in its place?

Oahu2Ozona said...

Hey Kate! Thanks for reading! Yeah--it was a long weekend. I was happy to get back to the office. The adhesive for the slate tiles never dried so we had to pull them up. The contractor will have to do the re-work (same tiles) with thinset b/c I don't have the time or energy after the first go-round. An expensive "learning experience" but all will be well. Four weeks till moving day and my kitchen has no floor, no power, and no appliances but all will be well. Maybe we can swing by while you're in town.

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